LEE EDEN is a 16 years old teen who is actively pursuing professional acting career. For the past six years she has been blessed with wonderful opportunities to play various roles in film, record numerous voice-overs and participate in theatrical, commercial and music video projects. Lee considers herself fortunate to be offered such a great wealth of fantastic occasions and understands that much of that “luck” is a direct result of her persistent training.

Lee’s first Broadway audition was for the role of Debbie in the 2nd national tour of Billy Elliot. An exciting journey through auditions and numerous callbacks fueled her desire to seek Broadway roles, alongside film and TV. She keeps up her vocal, acting and dance training as she continues auditioning, auditioning, auditioning…

While not acting, Lee is just your typical extremely curious, funny and active 16-year-old. She loves movies, good books, traveling, having fun with her friends, and playing with her dog Maximus.


2015 National Students Auditions Semifinalist
Lee had been named among 14 semifinalists in her category in the 2015 NATS National Students Auditions, with semi-finals...