Lee’s short “Sylvie” had made it’s premiere in Europe

May - 12 2011

In the beginning of May, Lee’s short “Sylvie” had made it’s premiere in Europe, as the official selection of Scotland’s international horror film festival “Dead by Dawn”. Innovative director’s work by Valerie Khoudari Ratner, and Lee’s take on the role of Sylvie scored some great reviews from film critics. Previously, “Sylvie” had won Award of Merit at  the 2010 Los Angeles cinema festival of Hollywood, and had been made an official selection of Zero film festival in NYC.

Today was the last performance of the “Bad Seed”

Apr - 24 2011

Today was the last performance of the “Bad Seed”. After the show, Lee felt a little bit sad. It was hard saying “Goodbye” to the people she worked so close with for the past two month. But, with the offer already on the table, she is planning to be back at Nicu’s Spoon theater next year, appearing in 2012 spring production!

What reviews say:
*   “Eleven year old Lee Eden, who plays Rhoda, shows maturity and talent beyond her years. She handles the more serious scenes in the play with such realism and intensity that I heard audience members talking after the show about how creeped out they were by this kid”, – Julie Feltman for “Theatre is Easy”: http://www.theasy.com/Reviews/badseed.php
*   “Fortunately, S. Barton-Farcas, the director of the pitch-perfect production being done by Nicu’s Spoon, an off-off-Broadway company, has found the perfect Rhoda. Lee Eden looks even more sugary-sweet than Patty McCormack, who so famously played the role in the film. She also has down the sinister side-glance, the nasty smirk when no one’s looking, the nonchalance in the face of her very, very evil deeds. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this 11-year-old actress on Broadway very soon. I’ll be more surprised if I don’t (or when she grows up, Regina in The Little Foxes)”, – Steve Weinstein for EDGE New York: http://www.edgenewyork.com/?118367

“The Bad Seed” had officially opened.

Apr - 06 2011

“The Bad Seed” had officially opened. The first show went very smoothly, making everyone happy. The cast is on fire, and it’s about to get even better!!! Show runs @ the Spoon Theater in Manhattan until April 24th.That, plus auditions and callbacks keeps Lee busy, that is, in Lee’s interpretation of things equal happy. Life is good!

“Gin Town” (aka “Gelber and Manning in Pictures”) are finally released

Feb - 14 2011

After a long anticipation, 2nd and 3rd episodes of “Gin Town” (aka “Gelber and Manning in Pictures”) are finally released, and they look fantastic. In the 3rd episode Lee is playing a young version of Manning, – Little Miss Darling Maisie Manning. Kudos to a very talented director James Lester, as to his dream team of actors and crew. It was a great pleasure working with you!
Watch: http://vimeo.com/19037260