Web Emporium in NYC 14th Midtown International Theater Festival

Jul - 20 2013

Lee felt very lucky to have been offered to join an amazingly talented cast of Web Emporium, a new play by Hungarian playwright Akos Nemeth in it’s American premiere. The show is being produced by the Threshold Theater Company as part of NYC 14th Midtown International Theater Festival. Not just that, but Lee also gets a rare chance chance to originate the role (Alter Ego) that wasn’t originally in the play. It simply doesn’t get better than that!

Tai in Clueless

Jun - 10 2013

To take on the role of Tai in a new theatrical production of Clueless was incredibly fan, if also challenging. How do you play the role that is so well known by numerous fans of Clueless the movie? And more important, how do you make it your own? Lee gave it a heartfelt and sentimental flair spin that was well received.

Hairspray? Yes, please!

May - 01 2013

This time Lee decided to put her dancing shoes on as she joined a wonderful cast of Hairspray as Shelley, Corny Collins council member, and understudy for Amber. Lee had always wanted to play Penny Pingleton, but since the beginning of rehearsals seems to have changed her mind and set her eyes on the role of Amber instead. With Hairspray rehearsals underway, Lee had also managed to land her favorite role of Tai in the brand new production of Clueless.

Spring’s Awakening

Oct - 10 2012

When Lee found out that she will be joining the cast of the off Broadway production of Spring’s Awakening with Marvell Repertory Theatre, she was beyond excited. The youngest cast member, Lee had taken over Martha u/s role, with scheduled onstage performances. The amazing cast  features Giuseppe Bausilio as Melchior, Lizzy DeClement as Wendla, and Dalton Harrod as Moritz. Show runs until November, 4th at the Barrow Theatre Group, NY.

Patrice in 13 The Musical

Sep - 14 2012

Lee had wanted to do 13 The Musical for a long time, so when the opportunity had finally arose, Lee jumped right in. Vocally challenging role of Patrice Parker made Lee a happy camper, and the entire experience was almost too much fun.

Little Girl, Big Demon, Best Day Ever

May - 07 2012

Lee just wrapped up a great short named ‘Little Girl, Big Demon, Best Day Ever’ with an amazing crew and extremely talented cast. Great creative storyline and outstanding directing and camera work are expected to do very well at the festival circuit.

“The New Kid” says NO to Bullying

Apr - 27 2012

Over the course of this school year Lee and her castmates from “The New Kid” musical had traveled to different elementary and middle schools in the Tri-State area with one mission: helping kids find their voice against bullying and peer pressure, and teaching them to stand up for what’s right. The story is about a new kid in school who is given an opportunity to join the “popular crowd” if he passes the tests that do not feel right or make him happy, and in the end discovers it is best to follow one’s own path and to “just be yourself.” His courage in standing up for his beliefs inspires his entire school to change. Every performance was followed up by a Q & A session and an open discussion where kids could share their own experience with bullying, and ask important questions they had for the cast member.

Pennies for Patients PSA for LLS.

Mar - 04 2012

Lee was very happy to participate in the great new PSA for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Pennies for Patients is the annual School and Youth program that teaches children about blood composition and a blood disease. The project gives students the opportunity to assist research efforts to find a cure for the disease by helping raise money to fund it.

Fun and exciting project for the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Sep - 09 2011

Fun and exciting project for the Girl Scouts of the USA. First interactive game to be featured on the brand new Girl Scouts website is on the way.

Stagedoor Manor performing arts camp

Jul - 09 2011

First summer session at the Stagedoor Manor performing arts camp was amazing: 13 full scale shows with unbelievably talented kids and great directors. 3 weeks of hard work definitely paid off at large. The production of ‘The Boy Friend’ musical was cute, spunky and very funny. Everyone enjoyed it, including camp guests from Disney and Nickelodeon!