Exit 27: A Story Based on True Events

Jan - 16 2016

Over a ten-year period 1,400 teenage boys, the “Lost Boys of Utah,” have been dropped off at exit number 27 along the Arizona-Utah border by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) to atone for their sins. Most don’t survive. EXIT 27 is the story of four of those young boys, their attempt to become “good again,” and how a young girl’s visit from the forbidden town of Hurricane changes everything.

Lee feels honored to be a part of this though-provoking, heart wrenching play by Aleks Merilo, telling the unspeakable truth behind the real stories of Exit 27, together with her all-star cast: Thomas Burke, Nathaneal Dunaway, Sam Stinson, Sam Domino, and Southwest Theater Production’s director, Kat Sparks.